Q: Do I have to wear shoes?
A: Absolutely not.  Source: The DeMahy Rule

Q: Is there any other dress code for me?
A: Nope. We suggest shorts & casual beach attire, maybe with a jacket, beach towel, or serape for those sensitive to uber-efficient AC.

Q: Will I feel at home and be happy that I came?
A: For sure.

Q: How will I meet new people?
A: Easily.  Everyone will have HUGE name tags and all will be called by their first name or nickname. No titles here.

Q: Will I meet other people with jobs like mine?
A: YES.  Sessions focus on narrow, practical topics which will attract your cohorts from other courts. We can all learn from each other.

Q: Will there be folks there dumber than I?
A: Dozens. Your self-esteem will be heightened during the drive home.

Q: Will I ever be uncomfortable?
A: Not unless your shorts are too tight.  We believe EVERYONE has valuable information to offer and are respectful of both talkers and listeners.

Q: Who does not value Nuts and Bolts?
A: Only people who have never attended.

Q: What if I want a particular topic covered and/or I want to be a speaker?
A: The program is in the “process of being processed” right now.  Contact Billie Tripp ASAP at cctripp@eatel.net. If at all possible, your request will be honored.