Since 1992, the LA Nuts & Bolts Fun Judicial Seminar has focused on practical issues facing courthouse folks on a daily basis. ALL Louisiana court officials are invited to attend this annual seminar to improve how we work together to serve the public.
Emphasizing humor, casual presentations, and speakers who are 100% open for questions, Nuts & Bolts had a grand total of 18 attendees the first year. Almost a quarter of a century later, the seminar attracts 250 participants yearly, most of whom come through word of mouth. The program facilitates and encourages learning from each other through class participation in an extremely comfortable networking and interactive atmosphere. Three concurrent tracks are offered through most of the seminar so that all find classes to meet their needs.

Events Calendar

Mark Your Calendars!
June 5-6, 2023:
Warm-Up for Nuts & Bolts
June 7-9, 2023:
32nd Annual Nuts & Bolts Seminar


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